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Proudly Presents Our Soon To Be Completed:

How to Make Cabinet Doors

By Lee A. Jesberger

This e-book explains the professional methods we use for

Making Cabinet Doors 

in an easy to follow, step by step, logical format !

Making Cabinet Doors 

"How can I make cabinet doors?"

This is the number one question I receive e-mails about

on my woodworking web site, Pro Woodworking,

Originally, my plan was to write several short articles on the subject.

But after starting work on that, it became obvious to me

that I couldn't do the subject much justice with a few short pages.

That would be arming people with just enough information to fail in their efforts.


So I got started on making what's become this e-book. 

Quite by accident actually, as I really hadn't

intended to get nearly as detailed as it's become.

Truth is, I didn't realize the number of steps we

go through automatically to ensure happy clients!

The choices and decisions to be made before actually getting started is amazing!

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How To Make Cabinet Doors includes information on:

  • Types of Doors
    • Raised Panel Door
    • Flat Panel Door
    • Slab Door
    • Inset Door
    • Full Overlay Door
    • Half Overlay Door

  • Materials To Use
    • Medium Density Fiberboard or M.D.F.
    • Ultra Lite M.D.F.
    • Melamine
    • Solid Wood
    • Plywood Panels
    • Veneered Panels
    • Veneered Panels with Hardwood Edges
    • Aluminum Frame Doors
    • Glass Panel Doors

  • Tools Used 
    • Hand Planes
    • Routers
    • Router Tables
    • Router Bit sets
    • Wood Shapers
    • Shaper Cutters
    • Carving Tools
    • Wood Chisels
    • Mortising Chisels
    • Mortising Machines
    • Hinge Drilling Machines
    • Jointers
    • Planers

  • Easy to make jigs to help with all phases of door making
    • European Hinge Drilling Jigs
    • Jigs for installing Hinge Base plates
    • Jigs for drilling handle placement
    • Jigs for setting cutters to the proper settings
    • Materials to use for jig Making

  • Hinge Choices
    • European Hinges
    • Butt Hinges
    • Soss Hinges
    • Piano Hinges
    • Choosing the proper Base plates for different applications
    • Installation Techniques for all of the above

  • Door Installation
    • Installation Techniques for making installation easy
    • Adjustment Techniques for a perfect fitting door
    • Protecting the doors for transportation
    • Protecting the finish during installation 

  • Finishes to use for specific applications, and material types
    • Conversion Varnish
    • Pre Cat Lacquer
    • Proprietary Mixture of Boiled Linseed Oil Mixture for Durable Results
    • Colored Lacquer for sprayed on finishes
    • Water Based Dyes
    • Alcohol Based Dyes
    • Oil Based Finishes
    • Finishes for Exterior Doors
    • Wood Fillers for open Grained Woods
    • Achieving the desired gloss level

  • Photos and Illustrations
    • All aspects of each topic covered with photos or illustrations

  • Includes a formula to ensure properly portioned doors.
    • Even the most beautiful doors will be a failure if the proportions are incorrect.

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I realized there is a  need for a complete, but easy to understand course.

Not just the basics, but the entire process.

Not only cabinet doors, but exterior entrance doors and interior doors for your home!

The information in this book is comprehensive enough to enable
you to make doors on a professional basis!

The Index and Glossary will provide the terms and definitions.

You will have a very clear understanding on the information provided!

This course will cover all details needed to make you a

"True Master at Door Making".

  • And not just using machines that professionals have,
  • but those commonly found in home wood shops.
  • The same process we use in my professional cabinet shop.
  •  From the design standpoint of deciding on the proper style
  • of door for a  particular cabinet,  to the right choice of
  • material to make it from, and how to install it.
  • We also cover the reasons to chose certain materials,

  • the construction techniques for different styles,

  • to the hardware and finishing materials.

  • Even helping you decide on the placement of the handles.

    .It's easy to explain the proper way to do something,

    but without explaining why to do it that way,

  •  leaves the person without any real knowledge.

    If you're like me, when  I'm taught how to do something, but not taught why

  • to do it that way, I never really learn how to do it on my own. 


    This course will provide all the information you will need to make

     any door, of any type,  even a new front for your house,

  • without wondering if you're doing it the right way!

     With this course you will be able to make the same cabinet doors

     we regularly charge $ 600.00 each for!

    (of course it took us many years to find the clients who can afford such doors)


     The cost of this time saving e-book is only $ 17.97

    Saving you from just one mistake will
    pay for this course many times over!

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